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When it comes to selecting a college major, many incoming freshmen browse through the courses offered by their college and end up selecting one of them. But what if the career field that could be right for you isn't in that list? This is the case many times with the field of culinary arts.

Culinary arts majors aren't offered at the vast majority of colleges in America. The main reason for this is that it is hard to stretch out culinary arts training into four years. Most specialty culinary arts programs are about one year long.

Culinary schools realize that they can give their students the knowledge and the basic skills they need, but chefs only become good through daily practice, and that can realistically only happen on the job in the restaurant's kitchen.

So for students who won't see culinary arts in their college's list of available programs, we thought we would mention it here so that some more students would at least be aware that it is available to them. You can see programs in your state where you can study cooking and culinary training.

You can read a little bit about earning a degree in fashion. Pursuing a career in fashion can be difficult for several reasons.

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